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We offer everything you need on your table

Golden phoenix offers glassware, tableware and all what you need for retail and horeca.

Enhance your experience
with quality

Our glassware is perfect to enhance your experience. Choose from over a hundred different pieces for any occasion based on your personal taste or choose from one of our Signature Luxury Collections

Experience our hand made selection

We are dedicated to the art and craft of glassmaking, putting our expertise in form to serve you with our products. Each glass is unique and hand crafted from a single piece of molten glass. Our team is committed to making your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

Handmade and designed
with quality

All the glassware is handmade and designed, so your precious drink will get the best treatment.

Extra special touch
with quality

For an extra special touch, we offer high quality glassware in Oman. Our glassware is made from the best materials and are guaranteed to be high quality.

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• Golden phoenix for trading and contracting L.L.C. established in Oman in the year 2019 as an agent and sole distributor of tableware brands, serving gift shops, Hypermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and coffee shops.

  • The Company boasts a strong distribution network
  • an extensive range of products and exceptional production capabilities

• Golden Phoenix Oman is a subsidiary of Golden Phoenix group, established since the year 1958 in Lebanon as a distributor of tableware, and grew through the years to become present in more then 17 countries in the middle east and Africa as Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritania, Senegal, Mozambique, Benin republic, Congo, D.R. Congo, Kenya, Gabon, Guinea, Togo, Kuwait, Oman, Syria, Namibia, Central Africa distributing its brands of tableware, ovenware, kitchenware, serviceware, household items and FMCG products through multiple distribution and sales channels. Some of the main brands which Golden Phoenix group owns the sole distribution license are: Pasabahce, Borcam, Nude, Sarayli, Oxford, Wilmax, Nehir, Beehome, Torku, Juhayna.

Why Choose Golden Phoenix?

As we have been in the field for the last 60 years almost , we are very well experienced in supplying and offering all your needs when it comes to tableware and homeware. With our brands variety and wide collection, we can help meet your desired choice and taste whether for home use or horeca. Once you proceed in this website you will find out more about our selection and services.


Ultra higeine with V-block


Protection against visurses and bacteria

V-block Technology

Patented formula provides 24/7 hygiene



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Our brands

Our Best Brands in oman


the world's and Europe's second largest producer of glassware

In 1935, Şişecam began producing 100% handmade glassware from soda glass at its first plant located in Beykoz. In 1955, Şişecam adopted machine production, marking the first stage of today's automated production technology. In 1974, Şişecam began producing heat-resistant glassware. Recording its first exports in 1961, Şişecam rapidly expanded its production capacity as a result of its export-driven growth strategy while also meeting growing demand in the domestic market between 1980 and 2000. In addition to Turkey, Şişecam currently maintains production operations in Bulgaria, the Russian Federation and Egypt. Şişecam focuses on meeting the needs of three key segments ¬– household, catering, and industrial – with over 20,000 different products, specializing in automated production as well as handmade products, with its brand Paşabahçe (, a leader in glassware. In addition to Paşabahçe, one of Turkey's most popular consumer brands, Şişecam’s brand portfolio includes Nude, Borcam and Zest Glass. Today, Şişecam has a huge customer base across 140 countries with its global production of glassware. .

Download Paşabahçe Retail Catalogue 2022 Download Porcealin Products Catalogue


Your practical helper

Borcam is your practical helper in the kitchen in everything you do, from preparation to cooking, and from presentation to refrigeration… The naturalness and healthiness that comes from glass makes Borcam the essential cooking solution for every home. Coming in various sizes and shapes, the numerous Borcam designs will be your devoted helper at the table, in the refrigerator and the oven, and innovative new products like Borcam Grill will continue to make your life easier.


Wilmax England

Wilmax England was established in 2010 in Britain (is the British establishment found in 2010). Company produces a wide range of Fine porcelain tableware, high-quality 18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery, Barware & Hollowware, Crystalline and Thermo Glassware, and Natural Bambooware – totally product line includes more than 1000 items. With major offices in London and Hong Kong, Wilmax England™ product has presence in more than 100 countries all over the world. A large variety of designs and shapes in Wilmax range gives an opportunity to choose tableware for any taste or interior style. All Wilmax tableware environmentally compatible and lab tested. It is absolutely safe for your health. Wilmax tableware satisfies the requirements of restaurateurs and is ideal for home use. Ranges: Fine porcelain, Natural bamboo, Stainless steel, crystalline glass, Thermo glass .



Since 1981, we have been providing hand-crafted products in Turkey. We combined our dreams and hopes with experience and honest labor and produced wonderful steelwork.



AKAY PLASTIK, was founded in 1974, to be a pioneer of the plastic industry, was established in Istanbul to be one of the leading forces in the export and Turkey market.


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